Success Stories | CASA




The following are a few success stories we’d like to share with you; evidence of the meaningful impact of CASA work.

casa volunteer and foster child

 “I gave him his backpack and new clothing for school. He did not say much
and just went to his room. A few minutes later he walked out with his new
jeans and t-shirt on. He said, ‘I am going to wear these everyday;’ we laughed
and later he said, ‘I have never had new clothing’.” — Tracy (A CASA volunteer)

Casa volunteer and foster child

 “I observed him from across the room in the recreation center, jumping up and down
and shouting. I approached him gingerly, and, as I came closer I could now hear what
he was saying, ‘I got a CASA and he’s coming to see me tomorrow!’ It was moving to
witness this young boy’s happiness, considering all he had already gone through in
his young life.” — Jamie (A CASA volunteer and group home social worker)

Casa volunteer and foster child

 “We have rules in the group home about tattoos, so you can imagine that I was
disappointed when Barry, one of the youths in my group had drawn a tattoo on
his arm. I approached Barry and asked him to wash the tattoo off. He was hesitant
and didn’t want to do it, so I asked him to come with me and I would help him.
As I grabbed the soap and looked  at his arm I noticed that the tattoo said
‘I Heart George’. I asked him, ‘Barry, who’s George?’, and he answered,
‘My CASA friend’. Well.. right then and there I decided there’s an exception to
every rule.” — Liz (Social Worker)

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