Agency Advisors, Liaisons and Faculty Consultants | CASA


  • Arnold Rosenfield
    Juvenile Court Judge, Founder of CASA Program
  • Allan Hardcastle
    Presiding Juvenile Court Judge
  • Virginia Marcoida, 
    Juvenile Court Judge
  • James Bertoli
    Juvenile Court Judge
  • Rebecca Parker
    Attorney at Law (Minors)
  • Madaliene Sowers
    Attorney at Law (Minors)
  • Jacqueline Gillespie 
    Attorney at Law (Minors) – Retired
  • Kent Bolts
    Director of Juvenile Hall
  • Michael Carlo
    Juvenile Probation (Liaison to CASA)
  • Nick Honey
    Division Director, Family, Youth & Children’s Services
  • Fred Jones
    Dept. of Human Services (Liaison to CASA)
  • Yuka Kamiishi
    Victim Witness Advocate
  • Carley Moore 
  • Nickolas Lawrence
    Foster/Kinship Care Education Program Coordinator
  • Rafael Vasquez
    S.R.J.C. Diversity Outreach Specialist
  • Greg Begin
    Job Links
  • Steve Nielsen
    Educational Liaison (Delinquency)
  • Debra Sanders
    Educational Liaison (Dependency)
  • Judy Adams
    SELPA, Surrogate Parent Liaison
  • Megan Burns
    Trauma & Anxiety Consultant
  • Dr. Gloria Speicher Ph.D
    Child Abuse Trainer Consultant
  • Glo Wellman
    Child Development
  • Jim Foster, MFT
    Positive Images – LGBTQI Youth Advocacy
  • Dr. William Prey 
    Child Development: Medication Workshop
  • Cazzie Brown
    CASA, Youth Advisor
  • Bob Chapman
    CASA, Training Panel
  • Andy Wagner
    CASA, Training Panel (Youth Advisor)
  • Jeanne Bowman
    Educational Advocacy (Case Review Consultant)
  • Pat Hansen
    CASA Training Panel (Case Advisor)
  • Karen Bushnell
    CASA Training Panel (Case Advisor)