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This area of the website is created for you, our CASA Board Members. You will find forms, information, links to other websites and useful information to help you better understand the organization’s mission, your role and the organization’s history.

As part of your training and ongoing responsibilities to keep informed and up to date, this area on the website will allow you to constantly have access to needed information and tools.

Board Members are encouraged to also familiarize themselves with and to utilize the tools offered on both the State and National CASA Association websites. Both sites have very useful links and are a wealth of information which include instructions for using the CASA logo for public display when associating ourselves with the National CASA Association. There are certain terms, conditions and even color requirements.

It is always encouraged to join the association as well. Details are on the National CASA website.

CASA of Sonoma County Strategic Plan
CASA 2021 Strategic Plan

CASA of Sonoma County Bylaws
CASA of Sonoma County Bylaws

CASA of Sonoma County Board Member Application
CASA Board Member Application

CASA of Sonoma County Board Member Commitment
CASA Board Member Commitment

Master Calendar (for the most up to date information, please follow this link )
CASA 2021 Calendar

CASA of Sonoma County Mission Statement 
CASA Mission Statement

CASA of Sonoma County Facts and Needs Statement
CASA Facts and Needs Statement

California Rules of Court 
California Rules of Court 2021

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