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60-Day Mandatory Case Reviews

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ALERT!: “Case Review” has now been officially changed to “60-Day Mandatory Case Review”.

ALERT!: “ILP Case Review” has been officially changed to “ST Case Review”.

Each month CASA holds four case review sessions on the second and fourth Wednesdays of each month at 12:00 noon and *5:00 p.m. Registration required!

They have been developed to provide you with the opportunity to meet other CASAs and to obtain the case consultations needed.

All CASAs are required by order of the court to participate in these mandatory reviews prior to submitting a court report.

To download Organizational Forms for “60 Day Mandatory Case Review” (Case Review) and “ST 60 Day Mandatory Case Review” (ILP Case Review), please visit our Forms page.

*5:00 pm sessions have been curtailed at this moment, please review future Resources & Opportunities newsletters for updates on this matter.